Hopefully you are ready to get going and start making some money.

But you ave no experience and don’t know where to start.

Well, this is Step One and I will show you how I make a few dollars every month so I can afford the tools I need to operate on-line. So let’s get started.

The FIRST Task is to sign up with Clix-Sense.

At 1st this may seem like you are progressing very slowly until you figure it out. The goal is to make $0.40 a day minimum. More if you can do it and I know you can because I do it every month. This works in most places of the World and will be your income source to pay for your All In One Profits account where you can get the tools you need to start making money by Net-Working.

I usually try and make at least $6 a week. That lets me do more and expand other Net-working Opportunities.

Here is a short video I made and put on You Tube that will show you how to get started. I titled it “FREE MONEY.”

Friend, please stay focused and watch this short video. There are a lot of empty promises being made online today. Making over $1200 a day using ClixSense, in my opinion, isn’t going to happen. But making $12/month to pay your All In One Profits account is very realistic and I personally do it every month.

Then when you get Affiliates under you, the profits really start kicking in.

After watching the video please come back here to signup under me to enroll in Clix-Sense. Make sure you sign up under Terry Warner or Oldfriend.

Once you have signed up under me in Clix-Sense, I will be available and start showing you how to move on to Step 2.

Terry Warner (Oldfriend)