My One Year Plan

     After Networking for many years I decided to try a different approach than I had in my other Networking Opportunities.

     I always found myself paying attention to the monthly details and auto ship requirements and in so doing so, let my day to day Networking plans slip by and sometimes be missed.

     I needed a way where I could continue Networking and have my monthly expenses handled automatically.

     After all, I handled my customers automatically with my custom splash pages and

pre-written auto-responders.

     Jerky Direct has an Auto-ship of under $25/month. AIOP (All In One Profits) has a monthly fee of $11.50/month. Figuring a year of Jerky Direct comes to $300 a year. AIOP comes to $138 a year.

     Add the two together, $300. + $138. = $438. a year. Add in some extra for Traffic Exchanges and raise the total to $500 a year for promoting and selling Jerky Direct and AIOP.

     $500 is your cost for 1 Full Year. Then set that money aside or work and save the money so you have $500 in an account.

     Now you can concentrate on promoting and operating your Opportunity for 1 Year.

     This gives you a full year to blog, promote and share your opportunity with prospects.

     My advice is to never go into debt for anything and especially Networking. Even a measly $25/month can be a burden if you have a family or other obligations. If you can’t meet your auto-ship one month, then you are at risk of losing your down line and definitely your position or rank.

     By having it paid ahead, you eliminate that problem.

     If you can afford to set aside $500 and join my team, I would gladly welcome you aboard. However, I would still recommend setting aside your 1 year expenses for peace of mind so you can concentrate on your business.

     Because for one full year you are going to go full throttle and not look at results or sign ups or progress.

     That is because you will utterly amaze yourself and by that time have a good down line. If you fail, and I am sure you won’t, but if you do, then Networking is not for you.

     Here is what you need to do.

  1.      Sign Up with Jerky Direct using this link.

  2.      Sign up with All In One Profits, (AIOP), using this link. This is your “One Stop” source for your Auto Responder and Splash/Capture Pages, as well as your personal Word Press Blog.

See You On The Other Side,

Oldfriend (Terry Warner)

Skype: terry.warner74


Cell: 785-259-9193 (Be sure and leave a message for me to call you back.)

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