Now Is The Time

For several years I have been content to run my Net-Working Business like a hobby and not as a business.

I would go on-line and push and click and download photos and write articles and then wonder why I was in the 97% failure group and not in the 3% success group.

There was NO ONE FACTOR that made me fail. It was the accumulation of factors and not applying them correctly that made me fail. It was my own fault.

Then one day, I got tired enough, disgusted enough, and mad enough, that I decided to do something about it.

I made a plan. Here are the steps I took to Success:

    1. 1. Sign up with ClixSense to pay your cost for All In One Profits. ($11.50/month) Continue working ClixSense by viewing ads and filling out Surveys. (I set a goal to make at least $0.40/day because that would pay my AIOP for 1 month. I usually make at least $6/week.)

Click Here to sign up with ClixSense.

    1. 2. After making at least $11.50, sign up with All In One Profits.(AIOP) This is your main “Money Making” foundation to use for the promoting of your Net-Working Product. I just use AIOP by itself because it is a good and easy product to sell and promote.

Click Here to Sign Up with AIOP.

    1. 3. Set up your Blog, (Use Mine As An Example), and drive Targeted Traffic to your blog using splash Pages and Prizes. I use Forums, such as Forumcon. (A FREE forum that pays you to Post)

Click here for Forumcoin.

    1. (It is FREE)


    1. Also, sign up with Traffic Swirl. Use Traffic Swirl to earn tokens so you can display and show your Splash Pages. All of this will be shown to you as you progress. If you are experienced but have never made any money and you understand Traffic Exchanges, then

Click Here to Join Traffic Swirl.

    (Otherwise, wait and let me help you.)

These are the 3 MAIN STEPS I used to become Profitable. There is no OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE because I use ClixSense to pay my fees.

It is just that Simple.

As I said,”The Time Is Now.”

Terry Warner (Oldfriend)
Skype: terry.warner74
Cell: 785-259-9193

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