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Sleazy Salesman
Sleazy Salesman

When you think of Network Marketers, you probably visualize the image on the right of the page or something worse.

The Internet has become a place of lies, half-truths, and exaggerations. Sleazy and crooked can also be added for descriptions.

It seems everyone is used for climbing the imaginary ladder of Networking Success.

Well, not everyone is like that. If you have a good product and a good plan, you can expect to move up to the 3% of Networkers who are Successful.

I have a “Simple Plan” that I would like to share with you that will get you to making money within 30 days.

Guaranteed? Well no. You could sit in front of the computer and do nothing.

However, I followed this plan, That I Will Share With You, and it worked for me in about 20 days.

$$$ It is true that an EXTRA $100/Month can change your life. $$$$

Mastering the art of attracting people is the first step to and the oldest tried and tested method known to date. That attraction is using a “Squeeze Page or Capture Page” like you are reading now. This is the first step to starting and maintaining a relationship so you can develop and use “Leverage.”

Leverage is getting other people to sell for you. Otherwise, you would have to sign everyone up individually and it is just not something you can do when you are building a team of several hundred people.

If they like your style and squeeze page, (and I hope you like mine), it opens the door to you helping each other, and brings about “Leverage.”

The CORNER-STONE of my plan is a program called, “ALL IN ONE PROFITS”.

All In One Profits includes all the tools needed to administer it (all in one place) for $11.50/month, then pays one back $10/month for EVERY PERSON who reads this plan and decides to apply it.

A decent “Auto-Responder” (without any strings attached) would cost you over $11.50/month and you get much more than that. Adding in the value of someone showing you how to use it (or even set it up for you) is just priceless.

Following this plan just this far would most likely put you into profit very quickly, but it gets even better. Please read on.


Promoting AIOP by itself doesn’t do very well. It takes time to increase and build value before someone is convinced enough to join AIOP. That is why promoting the tools and traing are great, but still, a lot of people don’t know how to present a product like AIOP.

So I use two additional programs for making my overhead costs and driving traffic and getting sign ups with AIOP.

Click here to join AIOP.

The first program I use is called, ClixSense. Where AIOP is the Cornerstone of MY Plan, ClixSense is the fuel that the plan needs to supply my operating expenses.

At first, ClixSense looks like you just “CLICK” for Pennies. (Or even less sometimes.) But this plan carries you to the next level by helping you get those referrals you need to get to earn more. They used to have a “Premium Member” plan where you could earn even higher commissions.

They just Re-Structured their program where it is even more easier to earn without upgrading and paying the $17. Now, it is FREE to join, and no more clicking pointless ads that no one watches.

I make an effort to make at least $0.40/day to make sure I have my $12/month.

I usually make $6 to $12 per week. That is more than enough to pay my AIOP.

Click here to join ClixSense.

I also installed a “Account Summary” on my Firefox Toolbar that notifies me when there are new surveys available. I also go there daily and complete some tasks so I make a Bonus every day.

The 2nd money maker I use is Fushion-Cash. I find it to take a little longer because you have to build up to $25 before you can cash out. (It is also restricted to USA & Canada.) I earn the most by completing Surveys here but it does take time and patience. (Also, $15 of your $25 has to be from offers.)

You can start making money right away by clicking on the link and verifying your email address.

Click here to join Fusioncash.

Most of these, “Penny-Clickers”, you can earn the most with very little effort by getting referrals. This is the whole objective of this plan. The “Market Place” is flooded with people who think showing the “Banner Ad or Referral Link” many times will accomplish this goal. Keep dreaming. People buy and trade and swap from people they know and trust. When you take the time to show and educate people, this plan will do a lot more for you.

There is one more web site that is also the fuel to this Simple Plan. Now is the time to drive “Quality Traffic” to your WordPress Blog that you have set up with AIOP.

Since the funding sources I use are better for USA residents, I like to advertise where I can target that demographic group specifically. That site is “Traffic Swirl”.

I am a “Pro” Member here because I get more rewards than being a “FREE” member. The object here is to earn Tokens and not credits like all the other Traffic Exchanges. You can then use the Tokens to buy advertising for your USA prospects. (Actually, the Splash Page you are reading right now will be displayed on Traffic Swirl and send prospects to my Word Press Blog. Why send them to my blog? Because people buy from people they know and trust. I need to get to know them first before I try and sell them something. We may just want to be friends.

Click here to sign up for TrafficSwirl.

Another thing. when I set up my Splash Page (Like this one) the person required to look at it must look at it longer than a Banner Ad that everyone is just clicking for credits. It also runs 24/7 whether I am there or not.

Unlike most plans I have seen online, this one does not require so many programs to join to make it discouraging.

Sure, you will get tired of surveys and clicking offers everyday. But spending a few hours everyday for a month or two will pay off in the end.

And, I have shown you how to do it for no out of pocket cost. So if you are strapped for cash, just keep working these 3 programs until you have a surplus where you can network for free.

My Networking expenses are under $20 total. And, I raise that $20 through ClixSense and Fusion Cash.

If this sounds like something you can do, just click on any of the blue links in this document and join each of the programs you want to use (Especially AIOP) and I will help you personally get started.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything before you commit, I am ready and willing to help anyway I can.

See You At The Bank,

Terry Warner (Oldfriend)

Skype: terry.warner74

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