For a long time I didn’t have a “WHY.”

I didn’t think I needed it. Boy, was I wrong.

Actually it was the other way around. Nothing started happening until I developed my “WHY.”

Well, how come, you might ask?

Gladly, I will tell you. Your “WHY” is what makes you go to the next step. It is what makes you stay with your plan instead of quitting and joining the 97% of failures in Net-work Marketing. Your “WHY” will put you into the 3% that succeed.

My “WHY” goes something like this. “The world is full of starving and hungry children that have no hope of getting out of their current circumstances. As an Entrepreneur, I have the ability to help those less fortunate whether it be financial, literacy, or mentoring. I can only do that if I can show others how I changed my circumstances and living conditions. My “WHY” is not giving someone money and wishing them well. No, it is showing them how to live above the evil and improve their situation no matter where they are. My “WHY” is to help my Fellowman by being there for him or her. I was put on this earth by Almighty God to be a solution to someone less fortunate.”

So, what about you? Content to “Click” past this and keep searching for the “Pie In The Sky & Get Rich Quick Scheme” so you can show off a fancy car and house?

Or, are yo ready to start small, with no out of pocket expense and get yourself out of debt and then show others how?

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